If you have a mature dog, don’t feel like you have missed the boat for dog training. Follow these simple steps on how to teach your old dog new tricks. There is only 1 essential prerequisite for trick training, the basic commands – sit, stay, come, drop and fetch.

Take a Bow is always a crowd pleaser and a really simple first trick to learn. Its actually a natural pose that dogs use when they want to play with their peers, so most dogs should find it no problem at all.

Take a Bow

Start by getting your dog to stand and stay. While kneeling beside him, support his hindquarters with your arm. Using a food treat as an incentive, encourage him to move his head towards the ground while keeping his hindquarters elevated. Once you feel your dog has an understanding the movement, command him to stay. Remove your supporting arm and let him fly solo! Now that your pooch is no longer a novice, you can move onto something a little more difficult.

Through the Hoop

For this trick you will need a hoola hoop, a lead, and your dog’s favourite toy. Start by getting a friend to hold the hoop up against a wall. This forms a barrier and will give your dog no choice but to go in the direction you are asking. With your dog in the sitting position, move yourself to the other side of the hoop and use his toy to coax him through. Then gradually raise the hoop while saying “through” as your dog lifts his legs to jump! To complete the trick, remove the lead and repeat the above steps. Always commence with the dog in sit-stay position.

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