The Canine Kitchen’s homemade dog treats are proudly Australian made and use only human grade ingredients. Even human’s are tempted by the tasty dog treats!

Why we love The Canine Kitchen

Small-business owner Natalie established the Mackay-based business in 2016, dedicated to making human grade tasty treats for dogs! The idea came from her dog Toohey, a 6-year-old Cattle x Border Collie. His sensitive stomach meant he would often have reactions to store bought treats, which varied in severity – the worst being 72 hours. Treats containing wheat or preservatives would particularly affect Toohey so Natalie started researching healthy ingredients that were friendly on dog’s tummy’s and low allergenic – and The Canine Kitchen was BORN!

Natalie spends her time with Toohey and her other fur baby Reeva, a 16-month-old Australian Koolie. Toohey competes in Canine Disc and has recently returned from the 2016 Australian National Canine Disc Championships qualifying in each round and placing 6th overall in the Freestyle Pro Division. Reeva is currently in training to follow in her big brothers’ footsteps and will commence competing in 2017!

Giving Back to the Community

The team at The Canine Kitchen are passionate about supporting our furry friends and have donated products to Animal Rescue Queensland (Mackay) in August 2016 and have provided sponsorship for the Australian National Canine Disc Championships (September 2016).

The Canine Kitchen Dog Treats

All treats are free from soy, wheat, corn and preservatives AND are tasty for pups – choose from flavour combinations such as Butternut Pumpkin & Honey, Carob & Coconut Rough or Peanut Butter & Blueberry.

We put our chief taste testers Brandie and Mia to the test, and the unexpected winner was Carob & Coconut Rough! If your dogs suffer from sensitive stomach or allergies, support a local business and try The Canine Kitchen Australia’s tasty treats.

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