Just like humans, dogs can go stir crazy if they are kept indoors for long periods of time. Understimulated and undersocialised dogs result in behavioural issues, so it is important to keep exercise consistent all year round. Try these 5 tips to keep your dog entertained, especially if daily walks aren’t possible.


Keep your dog interested by introducing a range of different games, including fetch with soft toys or tug-o-war. You could also make your own game of hide and seek, do this by hiding treats around the house. Let your dog enjoy trying to find the treats!

Obstacle Course

Depending on the size of your home and the type of flooring, you can create low jumps (think – rolled up blankets, broomsticks, pillows) encourage your dog to jump over the hurdles with the incentive of treats. Make the chase more challenging by placing chairs or cardboard boxes so that your dog must walk around or underneath them to get to the treats.


Having your dog walk on the treadmill is a great way to keep your dog active. It’s a good idea to give your dog time to get used to the sight and sound of the treadmill when it is running, and gradually getting your dog on the treadmill using treats as incentive. Once your dog is comfortable, set the treadmill at a low paced speed. Once your dog is used to the treadmill, you can increase the speed for a more challenging workout!


Using the stairs to exercise your dog is a challenge as they engage muscles that differ to the ones used when regular walking. Use your dog’s favourite toy as incentive, stand at the top of the stairs and throw the toy to your dog, encourage your dog to return with the toy and repeat.

Puzzle Feeder

These interactive learning games can keep dogs entertained for hours, dispensing food throughout the day. You can decide how difficult it will be, with product levels varying from easy to advanced. The products are also controlled to eliminate overfeeding.

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