Is your dog anxious about fireworks? Take these steps to help ease your dogs anxiety.

If fireworks are pre-planned, make sure to take your dog for a long walk during the day and ensure he has had plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

Dogs who experience extreme anxiety about fireworks can get stuck in a state of stress, and their body stiffens. help them feel safe and calm by wrapping them in a comfortable blanket or a dog anxiety vest such as a Thundershirt.

If your dog is displaying signs of extremely stressed behaviour, try to remain calm, if you panic it will only increase their insecurity. Talk to your dog in a calming and encouraging manner and stay close-by to ensure they are not alone.

It’s a great idea to keep your dog indoors, to ensure they do not run away out of fear. Book yourself a dog-friendly accommodation where you can ensure your dog will feel safe in a homely environment through Holiday with Dogs.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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